Strange BedfellowsOne has to understand what passes for “logic” in the Breitbot world. It’s OK for THEM to call my late wife a truck stop hooker whose STDs were burned off during her cremation. That’s SATIRE and HUMOR and PARODY and stuff like that.

But if I make a simple observation about one of their wives — such as the fact that the gravity generated by the ass of Aaron Walker’s female roommate tends to pull satellites out of their orbits when they pass over northern Virginia (a factor figured into the orbital dynamics at launch), then I’m a horrible, terrible, bad person. Maybe I exaggerate. But to paraphrase the late Andrew Breitbart in his remarks following the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, there’s enough blubber in that woman’s badonka donk (I spell it like that to piss off Patrick Krendler Grady Paul) to keep the eternal flame burning for all time.

Odd. They thought it was funny when Breitbart said it about Kennedy…